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Human Synergistics

Human Synergistics (LSI, GSI, LI, OCI & OEI)

Human Synergistics is a research-based framework used for individual, group and organisational development. It is based on a rigorous, quantitative human behaviour measure named The Circumplex (shown below) which describes twelve styles of thinking and behaving and organises these into three main orientations: constructive styles, passive/defensive styles, and aggressive defensive styles. Importantly, the framework aligns leadership and culture objectives, reflecting the central role leaders play in shaping culture and the way both elements are critical to the performance and sustainability of organisations, teams and projects. The Circumplex is an over-arching framework that provides clear and tangible strategies for ongoing coaching and improvement as as a precise means to measure progress made towards leadership and culture objectives.

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Constructive Styles

Tools we recommend

We recommend the Human Synergistic approach for the following key reasons:

  • Its tools offer a method of assessing the extent to which organisations, projects and individuals achieve a balance between the task and people elements of work.
  • Its tools offer a method of assessing the extent to which organisations and individuals are motivated by insecurities compared with being motivated by satisfaction.
  • The tools offer an objective method of measuring organisational culture and leadership behaviour, enabling progress to be tracked over time.
  • Constructive leadership and culture styles are clearly aligned and linked to business performance.
  • Measurements can be achieved at both the individual and organisational level, and across every level of an organisation. Importantly, these are clearly presented through a consistent framework.

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