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Frequently Asked Questions

BRS are offering a premium group coaching service to senior leaders and executives exclusively for the infrastructure industry within Australasia.  This is to help with the industry wide challenge of building leadership capability and capacity within the infrastructure industry within clients including government and their partners with the supply chain.  This is a significant challenge for both sides due to the unprecedented pipeline of infrastructure projects for the next ten years.

We are personally committed over the long term in assisting you to deliver on both your personal and professional goals.

Game Changers in Infrastructure is different for the following reasons:

  • It is an exclusive niche offering to the infrastructure industry;
  • Kym Williams has over 20 years’ experience at all levels of infrastructure so he understands the challenges that the industry faces and will face in the future;
  • BRS is a trusted advisor that will help you thrive through the disruption and change happening in the infrastructure industry including technology and other advancements;
  • You receive tailored personal advice as a leader on how to grow personally and professionally to be a game changer in infrastructure;
  • The focus will be on improving your bid success rates, delivering high performance teams, your effectiveness as a leader and other clear outcomes that we believe are important for leaders who are game changers in infrastructure;
  • Exclusive Monthly calls with Kym Williams checking in with where you are at and where your focus needs to be to deliver on your goals and objectives;
  • You receive a one on one session to undertake a 360-degree leadership effectiveness assessment and develop up a personal strategic plan at the start of the program along with access to other tools that will assist you in developing your leadership effectiveness;
  • Access to blogs, tools and templates that can be used by you and your team in a range of areas to bid, win and deliver high performance projects and initiatives within the infrastructure industry;
  • You receive tailored content and tools to help you grow as a 10X leader in infrastructure;
  • BRS is looking to address the capability challenges in building the next generation of leaders in infrastructure;
  • It is an opportunity to connect, network and collaborate with like-minded growth 10X leaders;
  • It is an opportunity to be at the forefront of the infrastructure industry with your clients and your organisation through the application of key insights, tools and learnings;
  • You will be in the room with all sides of infrastructure including end clients, consultants and constructors who are all committed to developing as game changers in infrastructure and collaborating together;
  • You will have access to global experts in the non-technical side of infrastructure;
  • You will gain best practice insights in to commercial and procurement acumen that will benefit individuals and their organisations;
  • You have the ability to share this knowledge and expertise in your organisations by using our tools in your day to day work; and
  • It will be hands on and practical combined with big picture thinking.

You qualify for BRS’s Game Changers in Infrastructure Program if you:

  • Are a senior infrastructure leader (client, government, construction, contractor, consultant) working in the infrastructure industry;
  • Are collaborative in nature and wish to learn and grow from others in the infrastructure industry;
  • Are looking to grow exponentially as an infrastructure leader over the next 5-10 years to meet the infrastructure changes and challenges our industry will face;
  • Want to be at the forefront of leading the change that is occurring in the infrastructure industry around technology and other key areas of change; and
  • Have completed the short survey (mindset scorecard) and are aligned to the values and approach the program will drive from all participants.

The Program works for infrastructure leaders who:

  • Are ambitious and want to have a positive impact in the infrastructure industry through constructive leadership;
  • Are collaborative by nature and want to learn and grow from others across the infrastructure supply chain;
  • Are focussed on ensuring they work with people that are aligned to their values (both clients/customers, service providers and team members/staff);
  • Want to win more bids, deliver outstanding projects and position their organisations to be driving change in the infrastructure industry;
  • Want to have a positive impact in the infrastructure industry in Australasia; and
  • Are wanting to learn, grow and be challenged to be the best they can be.

BRS participants that have been coached by Kym Williams and our team have shown the following:

  • An increased level of effectiveness in their leadership;
  • A better understanding of what success looks like across their whole life;
  • Improved their bid success rate and their ability to build high performing bid and project teams;
  • Are able to lead their organisations in a constructive manner driving positive change with their people and clients;
  • Improved career opportunities through greater self-awareness and effectiveness;
  • An increased understanding of the infrastructure industry challenges and opportunities;
  • A dramatic improvement in quality of life;
  • A deeper understanding of the infrastructure industry, trends and challenges and how they can lead their organisations and projects to take advantage of this; and
  • Improved opportunities for career progression through the development of effective leadership skills and competencies.

This is possible because participants are able to greatly simplify their lives, learn best practice insights around infrastructure delivery, increase their focus and productivity, strengthen their teams, and leverage their unique talents.

The program is entirely focussed on ensuring you become a game changer in infrastructure. BRS concepts, tools, and strategies are not just about winning bids, delivering better projects, money and success, but about using these as the means to build a life that’s meaningful to you and your organisation and projects in having a positive impact.

Day 1 of each workshop will focus on new topics, concepts, tools and frameworks which will be all about the non-technical sides of infrastructure.  The first day of each quarterly session will focus on areas such as:

  • Personal Strategic Planning and linking your impact to a higher purpose
  • Leadership of high performance projects and organisations
  • Strategic Planning and 90 day planning
  • Bidding to win strategies and insights increasing your proposal success rate
  • Bid Strategy and key relationships with clients
  • Personal branding and social media
  • Time management and personal effectiveness
  • Commercial acumen at an advanced level particularly in the context of running a successful team or business but also in the context of client and government leadership
  • Major projects particularly focussed on collaboration with the supply chain covering all delivery partners
  • Procurement Models and how these drive outstanding project outcomes
  • Effective project start up and mobilisation
  • New technologies eg Transport Futures, ITS and MAAS
  • Project Governance
  • Team development in projects, organisations and bid teams
  • Pyschometric tools like MBTI, Human Synergistics, Kolbe and other insights to improve individual and team effectiveness
  • Personal productivity

These days will be around introducing concepts, tools and practices but also sharing experiences from leaders around the challenges and opportunities in delivering on the infrastructure pipeline in Australasia. The topics that will be delivered at each workshop will be aligned with both the challenges participants are facing at the time of the workshop and industry lead disruption and changes, to maximise the opportunity for participants to thrive.  We will ensure that we are providing new and exciting material for each quarter focussed on where the industry is not only at but where trends and challenges will take our organisations and leaders in the future.

Day 2 will focus on implementation.  That is how we as game changes in infrastructure leaders prepare for the coming quarter with our teams and organisations.  This will include the preparation of your individual 90 day plans, work through your organisation and personal challenges and also focus in on shifts that you need to make to make the next quarter the best you can.

The workshops consist of a combination of focusing exercises, planning, creative thinking, and sharing with other participants. It is an interactive experience, as opposed to a lecture, with opportunities for individual work, and both large and small group discussions. The workshops are held quarterly, and each day runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with frequent breaks. A catered breakfast and lunch are also provided at each workshop.

Kym Williams is the co-founder of BRS who are a leading infrastructure advisory firm across Australasia. A visionary, an innovator, and a gifted conceptual thinker, Kym has over 20 years’ experience as a highly regarded leader, consultant, bid coach, and high performance coach to infrastructure organisations, individuals and team. Kym is personally committed to seeing you progress your career and fulfil your professional personal goals.

In his Game Changers in Infrastructure Program, you’ll work directly with Kym and a group of constructive and collaborative infrastructure leaders from BRS and their partners, getting their latest thinking and using fast-track strategies custom-designed for infrastructure leaders who want to set and reach the exponential goals that are most important and exciting to them, their projects and organisations.

To learn more about Kym and the BRS team, click here.

Between workshops, you’ll also have access to a dedicated Program Advisor, an expert at helping infrastructure leaders implement the tools and concepts of the Program in their lives, organisations and projects. Your Program Advisor will also be available by phone and email to ensure that you get the greatest return on your investment in the program.

You will also under take a 360-degree leadership effectiveness assessment between your first and second workshop, to understand where you are at as a leader and where you want to be.  You will then receive a debrief on these results from your coach and you will develop an action plan that will be reviewed each quarter.

Game Changers in Infrastructure clients are also invited, along with their teams, to listen in on regular Game Changers in Infrastructure monthly calls to keep you and your team clear, focused, and confident throughout the year.

The investment for this 12-month program is $16,500 AUD excluding GST. When you take in to account 8 days of workshops, a 360-degree leadership assessment and action planning session, access to best practice materials, world class facilitators and speakers who know infrastructure leaders as well as ongoing support between the quarterly workshops to deliver on your personal and professional goals, this is a very good investment.

The real value lies in having like-minded people in the room regardless of whether they are competitors or not collaborating to grow and develop as game changers in the infrastructure industry. BRS also shares their intellectual property and insights, and encourages you to implement their tools, concepts and frameworks back in to your organisations, projects and bid teams.

You will receive an invoice for the initial deposit of $2,500 AUD + GST to confirm your place in the program and this deposit is non-refundable.

There are two options for the payment of balance of the fees for The Game Changers in Infrastructure Program:

  1. Annual upfront payment; whereby the balance of $14,000 AUD + GST is paid in full a minimum of three weeks prior to attending the first workshop of a new year.
  2. Quarterly payment; which increases the total investment to $17,000 AUD + GST, however once your initial deposit to confirm your place of $2,500 AUD + GST has been paid, each quarterly payment will only be $3,625 AUD + GST. Payment of these invoices will need to be made a minimum of three weeks prior to the following workshop.


For the sake of fairness, all participants must have their fee payments up to date before attending their workshops. This creates a level playing field for all infrastructure leaders in the workshop as everyone knows that everyone else in the group has made the same financial commitment they have. In our experience, this translates into a commitment to participate fully and get the most out of the year’s sessions, which improves the experience for everyone.

Occasionally, emergencies arise that make it impossible to attend a workshop as scheduled. Should this happen, you will be given a personalised Coaching Call, done by phone, to keep you on track.

For you to maximise the benefits of the Game Changers in Infrastructure Program, it is vital that you commit to attending the workshops as scheduled as much as possible.

Game Changers in Infrastructure Information Pack
(1986kb) Download

To see whether the Game Changers in Infrastructure Program is the right fit for you, you need to fill in a short survey. Your Program Advisor will then be in touch around next steps

Game Changers Scorecard

If you would like to talk to a Program Advisor about the Program, please contact BRS on +61 8 8212 5752 or

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