Is humility important?

We often talk about humility in leaders but why?  To me there are two main reasons why humility is important.

Firstly, it is the impact it has on our own thinking as a leader. Humility is core to the self-actualised thinking as it recognises that even though we have strengths as leaders we also have weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  Continue reading

Who owns your happiness?

happiness-is-a-choiceI was having a fantastic LSI debrief recently with a client of mine who was the portrait of respect and character. During this discussion we talked about the concept of choice and that our life was made up of the sum of lots of choices.

Now to be fair for many people the range of choices is far less as many people don’t have access to a safe family environment, good education or may have physical or mental disabilities or health issues. This blog is not intended in that context where I have the highest level of empathy for people who are disadvantaged and they deserve full support from those of us blessed with good health, access to opportunities, and safe environment.

This blog is more for those of us who have had access to good education, have Continue reading

The importance of progress over perfection

progress-over-perfectionWhen we are at school, university, starting work or progressing our career particularly in technical or specialised roles, we tend to have reinforced the importance and value of perfection in what we do. That is, we need to ensure everything is accurate, precise and right all the time. It serves us well as we progress our career initially as our boss, organisation and others value it. We reinforce this validation by worrying about what other people think which tends to escalate the circular process of getting it right for the sake of others and then seeking validation that we have it perfect. In a lot of ways, you can never achieve Continue reading

The upside of being made redundant

career-path410 years ago I was made redundant. At the time I was devastated. I loved my job, the work I did, the company I worked for and the people I worked with. I was on maternity leave with our first child and whilst I knew I was not going to return to my role, I think what upset me the most was that the decision had been made for me. I knew it was nothing personal, my entire department that had various sites across Australia were made redundant and the writing had been on the wall for a while.

After I had processed the fact that I wasn’t going back to the career I had created I took some time out from the workforce, had another child, followed my husband interstate Continue reading

Getting the most out of team members who work remotely or in different locations

remoteDo you find that it is difficult to manage your business when you have team members that work remotely or are based in different offices? What is the issue? Is it that you don’t trust them to be working on your project? Do you think they will drop your job to work with someone who is in closer proximity in their office if pressured? Do you worry that they won’t deliver what you need delivered because they aren’t local and you can’t control their every move?

All of these questions are fair and common reasons for either choosing to do it yourself, often inefficiently or at the expense of other priorities, or reasons why you might not be getting the best out of your remote team members. The difficulty you have as Continue reading

Why can’t we all just get along?

6158-1368542620-1degreebio_blog_work-conflictI was speaking with a colleague interstate who was expressing his frustrations with his current project team. They are about halfway through the construction of multi-story building and have been plagued with team dynamic issues from the start. Although a relatively newly established team coming from different companies and projects prior, there are a couple of individuals who are what you could deem as being “toxic” to the project. The project is being delivered on a “business as usual” timeframe, however the amount of energy that is being expelled from each of these individuals and their lack of engagement to the company and project is creating a huge cost.

These costs include wasted hours through team meetings to try and get along, inefficiencies and lack of accountability in getting the job done. As my colleague expressed Continue reading

Infrastructure by straw polling

straw pollingFor a number of years I worked in senior finance roles in the mining sector for BHP Billiton and Newmont Mining.  During these roles I had a governance responsibility over capital works programs worth over a billion dollars.  In the mining sector we had to be really focused on where we spent our money as it was critical to financial sustainability in the longer term.  If we didn’t get this right we may not be in business.

Now I consult to many Government organisations and one of the things that has stood out is how the political processes in Government drives Continue reading

Exports are the key to an economy’s growth

exporting-stampThere recently was a very good article around South Australia’s exports and how we fare in comparison to other States.  The article in full can be found at . The article makes for sobering reading for our state’s export performance with only 4% of our small businesses exporting and those businesses only accounting for 5% of total exports in Australia.  These figures are very low if you compare our performance in relation to our population as a % of Australia’s population and downright poor when you compare them to countries like New Zealand where a large amount of businesses are primarily exporters.

This article gets to one of the root causes behind our poor economic performance as a State and our corresponding high unemployment rate which is the highest of the mainland States.  Put simply,  Continue reading

Trust in the response

time to feedback dateAs leaders we widely recognise the need to have ‘adult’ or ‘tough’ conversations within our teams.  An open two way feedback environment is one of the core elements of a high performing team.

However have you ever noticed that with some people you feel a sense of apprehension prior to having these ‘tough’ conversations?  You internalise and go over in your Continue reading

Government funding of start-ups v scale-ups

scalesI am intrigued with how governments want to back a winner. Quotes like we are wanting to see the next Yahoo, Google or Amazon in this state strike me as speak for “we are desperate for jobs growth and don’t really understand how successful businesses are built”.   This may appear harsh but I will explain my reasoning for this below.

The title of this blog focuses on grant funding and investment support for start-ups versus scale-ups. Start-ups are new businesses that receive funding to help them start. Scale ups is a term I use for organisations Continue reading